A Few noted Side effects of Being A "Questor"

Contact Lord Krevasse With Possible Additions.

You Might Be A Questor If,
  • 01- You have one to four prefixes to your name.
  • 02- You find pieces of armor under the sofa cushions.
  • 03- You find yourself speaking with an accent (sometimes several)(and all at once even).
  • 04- Rattan furniture begins to look more like axe-handles than barstools or couches.
  • 05- You have been spotted on more than one occasion flashing through town in full armour, bristling with weapons.
  • 06- You see someone you know and have to call them "Thorkrill" because you never did get their real name.
  • 07- Your household has more duct tape than toilet paper.
  • 08- You have seen some or all of the following more than twice: Excalibur, Heaven and Earth, Braveheart, and
              Wizards, (Lord of the Rings is compulsory).
  • 09- You bow to a waitress and call her "milady" or "wench!".
  • 10- Your house looks like a strange museum.
  • 11- If you`ve eaten many things in the dark to awaken and see uncooked bloody bones aside the fire.
  • 12- If to beat ones BEST friends is a joy to look forward to.
  • 13- If you`ve awakened to hot feet with shoes slowly dripping off them from sleeping too close to the fire.
  • 14- If you`ve ever lost your "sword" somewhere.
  • 15- If you`ve ever tasted a tree at a good running pace.
  • 16- You know at least six words to the song "Health to the Company"(lyrics)
  • 17- The rain stops and all is quiet except for the dripping of friends.
  • 18- If you see used plastic buckets and carpet remnants as important and valuable commodities.
  • 19- If you have ever slept in the rain with multiple injuries and not really minded it.
  • 20- If you have ever (inadvertantly or deliberately) used cow shit and pine needles as hair dressing.
  • 21- If a burnt and unidentifiable can of something with a light layer of ash on top looks like a suitable breakfast.
  • 22- If you've ever discovered shallow tree roots with your knees.
  • 23- If you've ever had a heated argument about whether you`re dead or not.
  • 24- If you find a woman attacking you with weapons an erotic experience.
  • 25- If you find yourself shouting, "I love the smell of duct tape in the morning."
  • 26- You get hit by a car and yell out "Glancing!!" or try to claim armor points. (from Sir Olaf of course).
  • 27- You find eating Elves enjoyable.
  • 28- You find rotting shinai`s in the fenders of your car while doing repairs.
  • 29- You use random weapons to prop your trunk or hood up.
  • 30- If you`ve ever known an Elf, in a Kilt.
  • 31- You Have been known to salvage used pop rivet washers.
  • 32- You've ever been known as a snotling.
  • 33- You know what duct tape tastes like.
  • 34- If You`ve ever heard a faries fart from the "Satchel Full of Faries Farts".
  • 35- Suggestions? contact Lord Krevasse.
  • Updated: 08/13/02 Additions welcomed.

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