Hack If you Will, Hack if you must.
You should accept nothing less.

Welcome to my circle, poach me if you will, but back me up too. Learn by proximity and imitation, not by playing with yourself. Just like air guitar, it doesn't count. Kick it quick and pass it on, if it stops don't let it and especially don't expect it to. Don't be surprised where you kick it, plan to and expect it. Don't apologize, life is simpler and we know you tried. Hack and they will come, don't hack and you'll never learn. Be amazed, but inspired, not intimidated. Find routine, catch your breath, and do something new. Graceful is a balance between power and control. Watched kung fu movies last night? Don't hurt anyone, including yourself. Rhythm relaxed with patience, "Wow did I just do that?". Hack a party balloon in a small room, wait for it to fall to you, rather than over extend yourself before making contact. Glowing hacks in the dark leave you without the ability to see your feet. It is good to know where your feet are. So, kick with me, don't waste our time. Sunsets at Kamaole I Beach Park in the shade on South Kihei rd. In a black 69 Cougar, a Blue Ford Ranger, or on a loud bright orange 1986 XR600R Enduro Dirt bike, I am either hacking or waiting for you to hack. Just ask for the hackysack guy.

Humble in training,
John Warford