Introducing, Mystress Alythia Tinuviel,
Mistress Alythia

Mistress Alythia Tinuviel, Twilight Maiden,
Mistress of the Arts, Errant to chaos and The mysteries
and wonders held within its tangled constellations. Servant
to all and none, bellydancer extrordinaire and evil undead
priestess to all that is pagan. Born to an elven father and a
mother hailing from the shimmering summerlands of Faerie.
Abandoned by her parents, and while wandering between
dimensions she found a surrogate father in Antonious T. Rex
until his mysterious disapearance. Nature being her element,
take ye care when stumbling thru the forest where she
dwells with her kind. Those that pay no heed shall surely fall
prey to her sorcerous designs.